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Essentials of Logistics and Management

The Global Supply Chain

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    This book provides a broad spectrum of the knowledge required for the logistician and for his or her contribution to the growth of a company. The book is built on a conceptual framework in which all the stakes and themes of logistics are analyzed according to a systematic approach. Indeed, many elements are critical to the successful logistical strategy: customer relation management, interactive information support, production optimization and process development, vision, strategy and operations management, and human resources and resource allocation. Growing out of a successful course given by the International Institute for the Management of Logistics (IML) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, the purpose of the book is to present a methodology allowing the reader to apply the critical factors embedded in the design of strategy. The book combines concepts with practical examples. Transversal vision and detailed case studies highlight the main themes of modern logistics and daily preoccupations of logisticians.


    • Introduction
    • Global Supply Chain Management
    • The Structure and the Operations of Logistics Systems
    • Designing the Supply Chain
    • Statistical Forecasting and Demand Analysis
    • Leading in Service Innovation: Three Perspectives on Customer Service Value Delivery
    • Purchasing and Logistics: Perimeter Overlaps in a Context of Global Sourcing
    • Production systems
    • The Management of Distribution and Operational Logistics
    • Transport Management as a Key Logistics Issue
    • Logistics of International Trade
    • Information systems
    • Supply Chain Connective Technologies
    • Operations Research in Logistics
    • Modeling and Simulation in Logistics
    • The Lean Supply Chain
    • Marketing and Innovation Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Processing & Controlling
    • Financial elements
    • Understanding Global Strategic Dynamics
    • Managing Human Resources
    • Information

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    • Paper book

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